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University of East Asia

Introduction of Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of Clinical and Child Psychology

The department scientifically comprehends the psychological, social and physical growth process of human with a central focus on psychology, education and childcare science, and makes effort to extensively train talented people enriched with knowledges related to education and human comprehension.

  • Course of clinical psychology
  • Course of childcare and infant education
  • Course of primary education
Main careers

Counselor, childminder, kindergarten teacher, primary school teacher, civil servant, medical institution, education related company, travel related company, information related company, advancing to graduate school

Department of International Communication

The world is becoming narrower along with the globalization. We are benefiting from the globalization, however, global problems and tensions are becoming more and more frequent. In order to resolve disputes of limited resources and escalating environmental problems, flexibility and amiable kindness are required during the assertion of one's own intention. The department directs and trains people that are able to deal with problems with such "kindness" to build better human and international relationship as real global talented people.

  • Course of international business
  • Course of tourism management
  • Course of cross-cultural communication
Main careers

Tourism (planning, operation, tour conductor, etc.), hotel/inn, tourism leisure facility, civil servant (local development, tourism association, etc.), Japanese language teacher, interpretation, advancing to graduate school

Department of Health and Sports

The department trains talented people who master extensive knowledge and education, and are able to contribute to the development of physical education and sports as well as the improvement of health and physical strength. It also trains talented people who master high expertise of human body mechanism or sport science in those fields, and are able to contribute as sport trainer performing prevention, care and proper treatment against injury of people taking sports or exercises.

  • Course of sports education and coaching
  • Course of health management
  • Course of athlete training
  • Course of Judo therapist
Main careers

Junior school teacher (health and physical education), high school teacher (health and physical education), primary school teacher, instructor of sports and health exercise in private fitness club or health improvement facility, sports related company, physical education/sports related organization, regional sports club, athlete of business team, advancing to graduate school

Faculty of Medical Science

Department of Medical Technology

The department trains talented people with practical proficiency that are able to cooperate with other medical staff in health care, medical treatment and welfare fields.

  • Course of clinical technology
  • Course of emergency and critical care
  • Course of animal nursing
Main careers

Hospital, fire fighting, police, government/regional official, animal hospital, zoo/aquarium, medical equipment maker, advancing to graduate school

Department of Health and Nutritional Science

The department trains talented people with practical proficiency that are able to accurately evaluate diet and nutrition and provide proper and advanced instruction.

  • Course of nutrition management
  • Course of food hygiene
  • Course of sport nutrition
Main careers

Hospital, school, welfare facility, health care facility, food related company, airport/airport quarantine station, instructor of health exercise in sport facility and health improvement facility, sports related company and organization, advancing to graduate school

Faculty of Art

Department of Art and Design

The department trains talented people that are able to contribute to the society in the aspect of integration of reason and sense during the experience of creation with a central focus on human education.

  • Course of animation and video
  • Course of painting and modeling
  • Course of visual design
Main careers

Graphic designer (printer, advertising company), CG designer (production company, game company), video director (broadcaster, production company, studio), product designer (maker), interior designer (furniture maker, residence designer), display designer (large retail store, exhibition company, theatrical company), craftsman (pottery, crafts workshop), teaching stuff, sculptor, advancing to graduate school

Department of Total Beauty

The department makes effort to design scientific life in order to realize beauty, health and enriched living for each individual person, and to create exciting, comfort time and space with designing.

  • Course of living environment
  • Course of life management
  • Course of clothing and cosmetology
Main careers

Residential environment adviser, interior designer, color coordinator, regional planner, financial planner, bridal planner, fashin related company, beautician, esthetician

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Educational Philosophy

There are three education concepts in the University of East Asia, including "Sweat for Others, Master One Technology (the Founding Idea)", "Living regionally, Thinking Globally" and "Meeting Friends, Living with Friends". First, we aim to "real practical education", and perform human education to raise extensive culture and enriched humanity as well as education for acquiring qualifications or certificates such as national qualifications.
Second, we train talented people with higher ability of problem investigation and resolution through contacting with regional society and practicing experience in international and global vision.
Third, we raise basic sense of people to expand his world through various encounters, and to think about what he could do for other people and the society.

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Admission Policy (for Accepting Application)

Expecting the abundant possibility of people taking on the next generation, University of East Asia is extensively seeking people as follows.

  1. People who intent to become an adult with enriched culture and expertise
  2. People who intent to realize his ambition or aim for acquiring qualification
  3. People who intent to discover more about himself and find ambition or objectives during the study in university
  • Major educating subjects of each department are arranged stage by stage according to the school year from basic subjects to high-level special subject, and graduate study is compulsory in the 4th year. ICT subjects are included in the major educating subjects.
  • In order to practice real practical education, we are encouraging more students to acquire qualifications and certificates, such as national qualifications, etc. Additionally, we are opening various practice subjects inside and outside of the university in order to train practical abilities.

International Communication Center, University of East Asia

The international communication center is founded aiming to promote academic and cultural communication with foreign universities, admission of international students and assistance for study and life as well as enrichment of education research of the university and contribution of regional internationalization.

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Information of Foreign Students

Foreign students registered in University of East Asia are as follows.
Additionally, we accept students from cooperative foreign universities attending short intensive course to study subjects mainly about Japanese language and Japanese culture.

Country Student number (person)
Korea 107
China 26
Vietnam 14
Nepal 7
Mongol 1
Total 155
*Up to May 2016
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Transport Access

Fukuoka Airport -> Subway, 5 minutes -> Hakata Station -> Taking the Kodama Shinkansen, 40 minutes -> Getting off at JR Shinshimoseki Station. Walking from the south exit of JR Shinshimoseki Station, 10 minutes.

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